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Facts about Appraising a Home

Residential appraisals is a step in-house transactions where one is buying or selling a house. Banks and other financial institutions will use a home appraiser to determine the value of a residential home for them to decide on the amount they will lend the buyer. This is a part of a mortgage process that is very crucial. For a seller who has priced the house at a price higher than what the appraiser has determined, the bank will not lend the money to the buyer the total amount the house cost according to the seller. Every bank will not want to get stuck with a house that is valued less than the amount invested. This appraisals therefore protects both the buyer and the bank.

Most of these banks will give you a list of certified and licensed professional appraisers who will determine the value of the home. The appraisers are approved an trustworthy because of their expertise in the job, but the amount to be borrowed will depend on the buyer of the house. Home appraisers uses two methods to establish the value of the property. The first is the sales comparison approach and the cost approach.

Just like the term refers, comparison approach is where the house to be sold is compared with those that were sold recently in the neighborhood. The comparison is done on the features of these houses and the one in question. Adjustments are made of the home size, square footage, various components and features.

Cost method is another approach where new houses are valued based on reproduction cost. Here, the cost of a new house that can replace the standing one is brought into question. When the cost has been determined, to get the final value, the cost of the land and depreciation is brought in.

A good appraisal report has this content. The appraiser should explain how the final value was arrived at. The method of appraising is described here in details. The appraiser should also give all the features of the house, describe it fully and also cite the things that have been done on the house to increase its value. There are those big investments in the house and such features should be describe.

Any structural problems should be reported be it leaking or any other. The surrounding neighborhood should also be described in the report. The appraiser should also do some comparison with the market to boost the conclusion of the property value. The report should include a photograph or a map of the whole property.

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