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How Can I Stop Smoking?

If one would ask why should they stop smoking, then you can show them all the reasons that why should they. Plenty of people smoke for different reasons and some smoke just because they want to and these persons are more easy to convince to stop smoking because they can listen the normal reasons one person would throw but those that have personal problems and use smoking as an outlet can be a bit tricky since these personal problems need to be addressed first before going in to the normal reasons since they won’t listen to it. These are some facts on why you should stop smoking indefinetly. We have some major problems that can be encountered when smoking. The first 10 major health problem is your best friend lung cancer, in which has killed a lot of people already and who knows if it’s the one thing that can make you meet your maker early in life. Almost all cases of lung cancer in the world, according to research are 90% related to smoking. There are actually just two types of persons that are normally affected by lung cancer and the first one is the normal smoker that does it for a habit and the other one is the sad part In which these persons do not smoke but are just heavily affected by second hand smoke. Lung cancer should be the most important reason for you to stop smoking because those that get this usually die with the average survival rate for 5 years is low as 1% and even in the best case scenario of this type of cancer the survival rate does not go up 67% which is very bad news for those that have it.

Smokers are more viable to get more types of cancer as they continue smoking cigarettes without living a healthy lifestyle or taking breaks from it. The usual reason why smokers get lung cancer is that the nictonine present in cigarettes stop their immune system from preventing the growth of cancerous tumors in which case those that are usually smoking tobacco are more likely to develop cancer that those that do not use cigarettes. Blindness is one thing that almost all people do not want but when it comes to smoking it almost looks like you are begging for it since smoking fastens the weakening of the eye according to a study that was conducted by three different research institutions. Alzheimer’s disease is one thing that everyone does not want to have since this diseases hurts your mental health more than your physical health, it makes your mental decline go faster five times than those that do not smoke cigarettes, for some people hearing that they are able to get this disease is enough reason to stop smoking.

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